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How Larry Gast Cultivates Highly Engaged Community Audiences with an Entrepreneurial Spirit at Moishe House International

Larry Gast is the VP of Development at Moishe House International, a nonprofit that creates meaningful, welcoming communities for Jewish adults in a post-college world. Larry joins Cause & Purpose to discuss how he’s infused an entrepreneurial spirit into every one of his roles, from working with large organizations like the JDC to ones that closely resemble startups. He has a wealth of insights that can be used for your organization, no matter your size or mission. Some social impact leaders know they want to make a difference from a very young age. Others come to it on their own time. For Larry Gast, a career in social impact found him. And when it did, he knew it was what he would commit his life to. It all began at a public affairs firm in New York City. Larry’s boss was a leader at the UJA Federation of New York, one of the largest federations of Jews that pooled resources from supporters and gave them to various causes in need. She assigned Larry multiple projects organizing and distributing the resources, and he fell in love with it. He was working with neighborhood and community groups, but also supporting massive global organizations as well. For example, he supported the Interagency Task Force on Israel-Arab Issues, which focuses on Arab minority relations in Israel. As he went deeper with his work, Larry discovered a profound joy connecting with people both across the globe and in his own backyard. The power of human connection would ultimately become the headline item in his career. It led him to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) for nine years, and then to Moishe House International, where he currently works. Listen to Larry’s interview for the full story and so much more.

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