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Some questions.
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What topics do you talk about on the show?

Topics range. We're occasionally tactical, but the main focus is on the lives, lessons learned, successes, failures, and inspirations of our guests - all of whom have spent meaningful time in their careers focused on social impact.

How are guests selected?

We're all about quality over quantity. All guests are established, top-tier social impact leaders, with some earlier-stage entrepreneurs and founders mixed in.

Most guests are either from our personal networks or referred by people we admire. Many are people we learn about through the news or other media.

All are vetted ahead of time. We don't accept guests for purposes of cross promotion or marketing specific products or services.

What's the format?

The format is pretty loose and free-flowing! There are general themes we cover, and a handful of questions we tend to ask at the end of each episode. Other than that, we just go where the conversation takes us.

Each episode is edited down to include only the most relevant and compelling content.

When are new episodes published?

We recently moved to a seasonal approach. We'll conduct interviews throughout the year, but the bulk of the new episode content will be published from June through December.

What is your target audience?

Cause & Purpose is produced by, with, and for, social impact leaders. If you're a purpose-driven founder or entrepreneur, long-time nonprofit leader, or someone who has spent a significant portion of your professional life in pursuit of making the world a better place, then this show is for you.

However, we always strive to tell very interesting and relatable stories. So, if you're someone who just likes stories about entrepreneurship, nonprofit work, likes learning about new causes, new programs, and interesting people, we hope you enjoy the content too.

There's a call-to-action at the end of every episode to support the work of the guest speaker, so you might just discover some exciting new causes to support!

How do I become a sponsor?

We're always open to sponsorship. However, we won't take sponsors just to take them. Any potential sponsor would need to be values-aligned, great to work with on a personal level, and something we truly believe will add value to our audience. If you think that's you, hit us up!

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