Matt Scott

Matt Scott empowers leaders at nonprofit organizations to double their revenue in three years or less. He's built a system based on people, process, and technology that's unlocked more than $200M in revenue, all while helping nonprofits rapidly scale in a resource-constrained environment. He's spent more than a decade building brands, redefining development operations, and serving frontline fundraisers. Now, he's laser-focused on shifting the mindset about incremental year-over-year growth, defining and pursuing high impact, low cost initiatives, and solving complex challenges more quickly.





Hi, we're CauseMic. We are your rapid growth partners—whip-smart, strategic thinkers with complementary superpowers to multiply the impact of your nonprofit or social impact company. Our cross-functional areas of expertise in marketing, fundraising, and technology make our agile, tight-knit crew extremely effective at solving your problems and filling in the gaps alongside your team.

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